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First day with new schedule - Sierra madre wrap up later II !wheel !onnit...
playing Fallout: New Vegas...
guess who's back?...
playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive...
Swedish AdvancedRp| Stefan | Aspirant !skript !rp
[Swe/Eng] Lets try once more and lets hope we can get some damn games done!
[SWE/ENG] Boom boom
[Swe/Eng] Tjoho! 400 follows! Ni är för grymma!
Lets get some
Test stream
[SWE/ENG] Alright, so lets derp for a while #supportsmallstreamers
Finally some climb, plz let it continue
Brunjolf The Dino Catcher
[SWE/ENG] Learning Ekko/Anivia/Kayn in Platinum. No Duo mate this time >_<
~ Road to 500 Followers <3 | Faceit elo push w/ friends & viewers 1161/2000+ | [SWE/ENG]
fortnite farming solo/duo [ENG]
Driv3R - Slå 1000 followers ? :)
[SWE/ENG] Benjidono is Stuming!! WooT!!! :O
Internet kändis och noob
[SWE/ENG] Lets climb ♥ (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥
[SWE/ENG] lets get some primals ;)
[ENG/SWE] The Gameplay is Shocking! !Giveaway
Watt is diss it is it diss
[SWE/ENG], Laddering and showing of my own deck invention, chat with me, ask questions or request music